Oversized Sweater Knit Tunic

Simplicity Patterns Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

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As I’ve shared before, I’m a little obsessed with cozy, bulky fabrics. Basically, anything that would lend itself to hermiting, I’m there for. My newly-rekindled knitting passion suits this desire just fine, but, sadly, knitting up a snuggly sweater takes a little more time to orchestrate than sitting down at the sewing machine. It was this revelation that set me on my quest to find the perfect sweater knit fabric to piece together some toasty “cheater” sweaters.

The problem? A lot of the sweater knits out there are quite thin, or they’re made in delicate lace patterns that are perfectly suited to springtime. Winter hermiting? Not so much.

Simplicity Patterns Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

I searched high and low for my ideal knit to no avail. I even prematurely snatched up Simplicity 8738 upon its release, knowing that when I found the knit I so desperately sought, I’d be prepared. And then gosh darnit if that perfect sweater knit did not find me—in the form of a thrifted blanket.

That’s right, my perfect medium was just hanging there on a sad Goodwill rack in the form of a sad, haggard little gray blanket. And now it’s an undercover blanket sweater.

I’m obsessed with this pattern, and I can’t wait to make the other versions of it. This is the Version B tunic, shortened significantly and without thumb holes (I knew I’d just fiddle with them throughout the day and get distracted). The turtleneck is the perfect fit—it’s not too tight and it drapes ever so slightly, but not enough to get drafty. The top’s boxy shape is perfect to throw on and go, and it can easily be layered over a tee for added warmth.

This is my new go-to winter staple, and I have a feeling I’ll be rummaging for unwanted blankets again to revisit this pattern again and again.


Have you ever sewn with sweater knits? Share your favorite patterns in the comments!

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