My Handmade Grettir Pullover

Women's Brooklyn Tweed Grettir

Earlier, I detailed the creation of my very first adult-sized sweater, a Brooklyn Tweed Grettir Icelandic Yoke Pullover for my husband’s birthday in December. Confession: Before I had even started on his, I was already scheming to create my own, beginning my own little stash of Patons Classic Wool Worsted skeins in nude colorways with a pop of Jade Heather to add a little interest.

I very much looked forward to having and wearing this pullover for myself, but knitting this one just didn’t go as quickly as Zach’s did, possibly because this project was missing the excitement factor of seeing his reaction to it. Theoretically, because it was smaller in size, it should have gone much faster, but alas. I still ended up with a beautiful and oh-so-warm sweater that I look forward to wearing for years to come. Plus, the blocking time was nowhere near as agonizing this time, as I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of pressing as much water as possible from the wet wool using a nice, absorbent stack of beach towels.

Women's Brooklyn Tweed Grettir

I puzzled and puzzled over how to finish the neck, as the pattern comes with the option of a rolled crew neck or turtleneck collar. In the end, I went with the rolled collar, as I loved the look—plus, since the sweater is so close to my skin color, I wanted to leave myself the option to layer a button-up shirt underneath to break up the color against my neck.


A second confession: On the day this sweater was finally dried from being blocked, it was so, so cold. I may or may not have tried it on, refused to take it off, and napped in it. What can I say? This guy is doing his wooly job. (And yes, I slept so very, very cozily.)


Women's Brooklyn Tweed Grettir

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