Welcome to Kettle + Cloth! I’m Megan, and my goal is to build a handmade wardrobe with love. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I’ve been sewing off and on since I was child—first, creating doll clothes by hand, and gradually working my way toward using a sewing machine—the 1998 Brother I still use today, in fact. Taught by my mom and my aunt, a professional upholsterer, I began using sewing patterns to create costumes for Halloween, dress-up days at school, and just because.

It wasn’t until I entered the workforce as a broke college grad that the idea to create my own day-to-day attire struck me. Ever since I whipped up that first pencil skirt, I’ve been honing my craft with the intention of building my entire wardrobe from scratch. From vintage-inspired to modern and minimal, I look forward to exploring new styles and construction techniques with you.

Still not convinced? Check out the reasons I believe everyone should learn to sew—whether to build a working wardrobe or just for fun.