About Me

Retro Sewing with Simplicity PatternsWelcome to Kettle + Cloth! I’m Megan, and my goal is to build a handmade wardrobe with love. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

I’ve been sewing off and on since I was child—first, creating doll clothes by hand, and gradually working my way toward using a sewing machine—the 1998 Brother I still use today, in fact. Taught by my mom and my aunt, a professional upholsterer, I began using sewing patterns to create costumes for Halloween, dress-up days at school, and just because.

It wasn’t until I entered the workforce as a broke college grad that the idea to create my own day-to-day attire struck me. Ever since I whipped up that first pencil skirt, I’ve been honing my craft with the intention of building my entire wardrobe from scratch. From vintage-inspired to modern and minimal, I look forward to exploring new styles and construction techniques with you.

Still not convinced? Check out the reasons I believe everyone should learn to sew—whether to build a working wardrobe or just for fun.


Meet Zach

Handmade Sweater: Men's Brooklyn Tweed GrettirThis handsome fella is my photographer, consultant, occasional male model, general keeper of my sanity. Even through law school he found the time to take countless photos of my handmade garments in sweltering heat, to lend an ear whenever a design wasn’t going my way, and to help me make decisions on which one of my approximately 1,295,893 ongoing projects needed tackling first.

As a newly-minted lawyer, Zach enjoys tabletop gaming, drawing monsters engaging in cheeky dialogue, and cuddling our three (3) cats. Speaking of…




Quality Assurance Experts and Tensile Strength Testers

Jade, Jasper, and Judge are three of the most spoiled housecats in existence. Jade (left) was adopted from a shelter in 2014 and has ruled the Brown household with an iron paw ever since. After a hard life on the streets surrounding our former apartment complex, Jasper (center) and Judge (right) claimed our little family as their own in 2018 by continuously visiting our little patio in search of food and pets, and now we’re all living large in the house we may or may not have bought just because we weren’t allowed to have three cats in our apartment. They spend their time eating my yarn and snoozing on scraps of fabric in my sewing room, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (Sidenote: Adopt, don’t shop, guys! And please, please, please spay and neuter!)

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